What makes us different?


Thank you for taking the time to consider Chirisa Business Solutions as your potential AV service provider. Below is list of considerations to factor in on what you can benefit, if you do business with us. 

Time is a scarce commodity in business. Our mobile AV Rental services allows you to invest that time into preparing for your meeting whilist we look after your presentation needs .

Delivering crucial information to your key audience requires the right audio visual resources. We are there to ensure the equipment is set up properly for you to effectively deliver your presentation.

The cost of hosting an important meeting should not be an extra headache, our prices are geared to make it affordable to run your important meetings .

Are you a DJ?  It would be a great feeling knowing you have someone that can show up to your venue and set up speakers and lighting appropriately according to the size of the venue or set up.  Most DJ's know they have no idea of what they are walking into when they show up at a clients venue. Clients can set up their decorations  in a way that can push you the DJ to think fast on how you have to work around their stage set up. When you book with us we can help.

The best part of doing business with us is that we do not charge deposit. When other service providers hold the financial resources you need as deposit, we make those funds available for you and all you pay for is the cost of equipment booked and other related costs such as delivery and set up fees.

Are you planning a dance party in a Banquet Room or at home? Our Audio equipment is user friendly; well equipped with bluetooth, USB, SD Card and auxilliary options allowing you to play  loud music directly from your smart gudgets without a DJ.


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