Frequently asked Questions:

What type of Events can our equipment be used for?

  • Business Events (Meetings/ Office party/ Fundraiser/ Promo events)

  • Religious Events

  • Wedding/ Engagement/Stag /Bridal shower / Baby shower events

  • Birthday parties

  • Banquet Hall / Party Room / House Events

  • Anniversary / Retirement celebrations

  • Community Events

How far ahead can I book and what if i need to cancel, any last minute booking charges?

  • You can book anytime once you have all details ready

  • Cancellations are accepted, its advisable to cancel 6 hours to 24 hours prior to your event  no cancellation fees

  • If you cancel at time of delivery or within an hour before delivery time; a fee of $25 will be charged

  • Last minute bookings are accepted no extra last minute fees, equipment will be provided if available.

  • Last minute bookings will have delivery done within a reasonable time frame based on distance and road conditions no rushed delivery time will be accepted for road safety reasons.

How loud are the speakers and what are their capabilities?

  • The power range for the speakers is 1000 watts to 3000 watts each

  • How big are the speakers?  They are portable and can weigh up to 35lbs each or less

  • Will 2 or 4 speakers play the same music at the same time from 1 device? Answer is yes.

  • Brands: JBL  Speakers (Not Bluetooth), EV Speakers (Not Bluetooth),

  • How do I control volume? You can do so straight from your device without going to the speaker.

  • Can I also connect musical instruments? Yes you can .

  • Connect your cell phone/ laptop/tablet / MacBook or Ipad

  • RCA input for Auxilliary connections to your CD Player, portable music devices and DJ controllers

  • Inbuilt amplifiers no extra powered amplifiers required

  • XLR input and output options including direct microphone inputs

  • Loudness of music depends on the customers preference (lots of bass requires sub-woofer/ extra loud music/ super loud music/ background music etc) The customer is responsible for deciding the number of speakers required. 1 speaker is good for up to 50 people for standard loudness at the same time a good loud party might need more than 1 speaker. 

Projectors: Can I connect my MacBook/ HDMI Laptop/ VGA Laptop/ USB/ Cell Phone/ Tablet/ Ipad?

  • MacBook, HDMI and VGA adaptors available


  • 3200 Lumens 

  • Mini HDMI for Camera's and Tablets that have regular mini HDMI

  • Yes you can connect 2 projectors or 4 projectors and play the same videos or presentation from 1 device

  • New 2017-2018 Apple products with different projector adaptors usually your seller provides you with the new adaptors

  • HD Quality projectors

  • Yes you can live stream

  • Yes you can play videos and slide shows

  • Sound for a large audience has to be connected to the main larger speakers from the source of the video or slide show

  • Can I connect Projector straight from my TV digital box? Answer is yes if you have both HDMI and RCA on the digital box

  • USB has to be plugged into laptop

  • Yes you need a white screen surface area for better quality 

  • Yes you can use a clear flat wall surface area if you don't need a screen

  • No we do not mount the projector or screen into walls to avoid liability from property owners, all our equipment is portable

Lighting: Is 1 strobe light or laser good for a large space?

  • Yes 1 lighting unit can cover a large area, however each venue is different and the set up for each event is different. It's up to the customers to determine the number of Party lighting units they need.

  • Yes strobe lighting and laser are multi color and respond to music

Microphones: What type of Microphone do you think is best for my event or for me?

  • It depends on the type of event and usage time

  • Lengthy time usage a wired microphone is best as you don't have to change batteries in-between

  • Wireless microphones are suited for flexibility of walking and speaking from anywhere on or inside the venue

  • Handsfree microphones are great if you will be handling lots of documents during presentation or if you intend to use a lot of hand gestures or if you perform a lot of product usage demonstrations.

  • Table top gooseneck microphones are great for podium usage or boardroom meeting. Handheld wired or wireless microphones are also great.

  • Brands: Sennheiser, Shure, JVC, Accoustic, Pyle and more

Do you pick up the equipment same night/ day or next morning?

  • Events in Banquet Halls/ Party rooms or 1 day rented houses the equipment is picked up as soon as event ends.

  • If the venue allows next morning pick ups the equipment can be picked up next day

  • House eventsif the event is overnight the equipment can be picked up next morning and same night arrangements are always discussed with you as the customer 

How Does It work?

  • Book online or via e-mail by providing the delivery address of the venue, event date, delivery time required, and contact number to call at time of delivery.

  • Cash on delivery for private events, personal cheques not accepted, company cheques accepted

  • No Tax charged, No deposit required

  • Delivery fees applicable

  • Equipment is delivered an hour to 2 hours prior to start of event

  • Equipment is picked up after the event ends no extra fees

  • Equipment is tested in the presence of the event respresentative to ensure everything is working.

  • Free cables provided including auxilliay cable only for equipment booked from Chirisa Business Solutions

  • Free speaker tripod stands only for our speakers

Can I pick up the equipment and return it?

Chirisa Business Solutions is a mobile Audio Visual Rental company . This means we specialize in delivering to the customer and picking up from the customer. No customer pick ups.


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