Terms and Conditions:

  • All payments due to be made at the agreed date and time prior to the event. Failure to meet payments will result in equipment removal and cancellation.

  • Last minute booking changes or cancellation at the time of delivery or within 2 hours of delivery time will still result in full payment .

  • If a customer improperly changes the original equipment set up resulting in system failure, no refund will be issued.

  • As a customer, if you choose to personally set up the equipment, Chirisa Business Solutions will not be responsible for any mulfunctions that have to do with the customers adjustments or wrong connections.

  • Last minute bookings maybe accomodated, but no rushed deliveries will be accepted for road safety reasons. Scheduled appointments will be completed first before attending to last minute appointments.

  • Late returns or pick up agreements will  result in extra fees  per item booked for each extra day.

  • Damages or theft that occurs whilist the equipment is in the possession of the customers care will result in replacement cost issued to the customer on file.

  • All equipment is tested at the time of set up prior to departing in the presence of the customer or customers representative, any false claims of equipment not working will not be honored for any refunds.

  • Chirisa Business Solutions only provides the equipment booked, if the customer realizes the equipments booked is not enough to meet their needs, it is not the responsibility of CBS to be accountable for the customers choice .


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